a home of kelbv

22-aug-06 Savagery (SVG)
25-apr-06 My flickr.com pages
16-mar-06 VEXER art program
17-dec-05 children with snowman
18-oct-05 some days out with jan
02-oct-05 more drawings in a book
27-sep-05 some drawings in a book
19-sep-05 wordtrainer 1.045
28-jul-05 painter pictures
10-apr-05 crowhurst
01-apr-05 heavitree yew
01-apr-05 trip to ashbrittle
28-mar-05 basildon park
19-mar-05 a dog i dreamed
16-feb-05 virginia waters
11-feb-05 windsor great park  1  2 
20-jan-05 ankerwycke yew
03-jan-05 farringdon and breamore
21-nov-04 trip to london
17-nov-04 steps
16-nov-04 garden and ming
16-nov-04 the garden
13-nov-04 through the roof
11-nov-04 a train
10-nov-04 kitchen window
31-oct-04 manchester stuff
31-oct-04 manchester party
28-oct-04 reading at night
27-oct-04 mainly at night
24-oct-04 golden jubilee 2002
19-oct-04 iota the ghost
13-oct-04 jar
13-oct-04 3d pictures  1  2
09-oct-04 reading
25-sep-04 photographs
21-sep-04 iota the cat
20-sep-04 the garden
13-sep-04 prague
12-sep-04 a drawing
01-sep-04 a drawing
29-aug-04 cats
14-aug-04 rigor in london
26-jun-04 shrew again
16-jun-04 skinned shrew
27-apr-04 whaa!?
20-apr-04 a frog
15-apr-04 a seagull
12-apr-04 a swan
24-mar-04 old italy photos
26-feb-04 a bird
24-feb-04 pattern
13-sep-03 london, day out with father
08-sep-03 my trip to oxford
03-sep-03 pictures
01-sep-03 picture
31-aug-03 skizziks
31-aug-03 scrabble skins
14-aug-03 london a day out
13-aug-03 drawings, sweden
12-aug-03 stockholm 30-jul-03
12-aug-03 stockholm 11-aug-03
10-aug-03 akersberga, sweden
10-aug-03 gotland, sweden
14-aug-02 sweden 2002
02-jul-03 recent drawings
30-jun-03 not so recent drawings
12-jun-03 drawings from africa
19-may-03 a view of my window
12-may-03 dm4
26-apr-03 morocco
06-apr-03 a horse from sweden
31-dec-02 swimming for money
01-dec-02 kelbv duck duck goose swan
22-nov-02 richard and kelbv at the zoo
18-nov-02 pix from pix!!!
13-sep-02 liverpool
20-jul-02 giraffe
11-jul-02 pattern
09-jul-02 finished man

little scanned horse picture

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